Brijesh Sharma After Meeting Shams Aalam

Hi All , This is Brijesh Sharma and I met this Miracle man (Shams Aalam) last month  but following him last 2 years . After hearing his own story it’s like against all ODDs he has proved everyone wrong who thinks only fully able body people can do the things .By achieving all the great success and putting India name infront of the whole world and achieved many records in national and international events . 

Inspire By Shams Aalam
Brijesh Sharma one to one interaction with Shams Aalam

He is the person who is motivating whole nation through Institutions like Tedex/ IITs/IIMs and many more by narrating his own story . Laymen people can relate to him at very first moment and get inspired . In my particular case he is the person who gave great advice and confidence to my sweet daughter Simran and inspired her to make it big in future . I salute to him and his very humble father who gave him such great etiquette’s yet be grounded in very High and low of the life . I am fortunate to know him in person and will be family friends for life . Looking forward to a great bonding .

Thanks Guruji. Keep it up and inspire lacs and crores of people.

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